The Wardrobe has an inclusion for all policy, and we expect our attendees of events to be equally accepting and welcoming. We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate all needs so do not hesitate to contact us prior to your visit to ensure this is possible. Whilst we do our best to accommodate all accessibility requests, please bear in mind that space is limited in the accessible area and sometimes it is not always possible 

Access Area/Wheelchair Space

Please contact the venue before purchasing your ticket. Space is limited & on a first come, first served basis and we have space for three wheelchairs and some additional seating room. We do understand that for shows guests will want to be with their friends, but due to space limitations, we may only be able to allow you and your companion into an accessible area and cannot always guarantee seated options.

Personal Assistant Ticketing Scheme

People with disabilities are entitled to a free personal assistant ticket upon proof of disability, which must be requested in advance.  We recommend that customers first purchase their general admission ticket and then email us at to obtain a free personal assistant ticket.

Examples of accepted proof: Disability Living Allowance (DLA) / Attendance Allowance (AA), Personal Independence Payments (PIPs), Blue Badges & The Access Card. We will review an application without the recommended evidence on a case-by-case basis.

We do not send out tickets in advance of the show, tickets will be issued at box office at the event.



Contact details for all access enquiries:
Phone: 0113 3838800

Letting us know your access requirements in advance will help us to try ensure your requirements are met.


Please Note: People with temporary access requirements, such as broken legs, pregnancy etc are to also contact via the above method.


Venue Access Information

What To Expect On The Night

We advise you arriving 30 minutes prior to doors where possible and make yourself known to management/security. If you cannot make it to the event for whatever reason we would ask you to let us know as we have very limited space.

Access Around The Venue, Both Approach And Inside

There is level access into the bar from the public pavement on St Peters Square via the venue entrance. The majority of the bar is wheelchair accessible but we would however advise booking a table ahead of time to ensure we have a ground level table available. Access to the basement venue is via a lift located in the box office area. Most of the basement venue is wheelchair accessible but we would also advise contacting us ahead of time to ensure we have space reserved in our access area.


There is a drop off point at our venue entrance and nearby parking in the at Victoria gate(500 metres) or NCP – Kirkgate(600 metres). There is very limited parking on our street.

Local Public Transport

We are located across the road from Leeds central bus station (approx. 300 yards away). While you must cross a road to get from the bus station to our establishment, there is level access all the way. Leeds rail station is on the other side of the city from our establishment (approx. 0.8 miles). It is possible to get from there without using transport but it can be quite a busy route so we would advise using a taxi or a local bus.

Personal Assistant’s Tickets

We allow personal assistants to attend events for free. Please contact to arrange this. You may be asked to provide evidence in order to obtain a free pass for a PA. We do not send out tickets prior to the event, these will be obtained from box office at the time of your event.

Box Office 

Please make yourself known at the box office and let the staff know if you have a space reserved in our accessible area and/or a free personal assistant pass organised. There is no loop fitted in our box office area. The box office has two access points, one is lowered. The box office staff member can move over to the lowered one when necessary. In addition, there will be a door person present in the box office to assist if required.

Viewing Platforms Or Areas

Our venue’s accessible area has a good view of the stage and easy access to the accessible toilet. Seating will be provided. You can book a space in this area by contacting Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we cannot guarantee large parties will get to be together – access to this area is granted either alone or with a +1 (this can be the personal assistant or a companion of your choice).

Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets are located within easy access of our accessible area within our venue space. There is also an accessible toilet within our ground floor bar. Neither of them are RADAR locked and are free to enter/use without a steward or member of staff present. HEARING LOOP + BSL There are no provisions for hearing loops or BSL in our establishment.

Assistant Dogs 

We allow access for assistance dogs. We can house them in our office which has an exit out into our back yard for toileting.

Strobe Lighting 

Signage is up around the venue indicating the use of strobe lighting. We do not issue verbal announcements for the use of the strobe light.

Alternative Formats Available 

Large print versions of our food/drinks menu and venue signage are available upon request.

Become A Mystery Shopper 

Attitude is Everything recruit volunteers and mystery shoppers. If you are deaf and/or disabled and wish to participate, please contact them via the Mystery Shopping section on their website: