BBC Contains Strong Language presents: Poetry and the Planet with Simon Armitage

Sunday 24 September 2023

Doors: 10:30am • Start: 11:00am • End: 12:15pm

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Nature poetry – once thought of as a romantic backwater of writing – is now urgent and resurgent, addressing and exploring what many consider to be the most pressing of all issues.  In an overheated world full of overheated words, what can poetry contribute to the discussion of climate change?  Can it actually make a difference to attitudes, ideologies and policies, or is it just a marginal art form talking to itself in isolation.  In this public session, a panel of national and international poets are invited to share their own work and the work of other authors, and to discuss what role poetry could or should play in the face of an uncertain environmental future.  Chaired by Simon Armitage.

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