Count Binface: Bindependence Day

Wednesday 18 September 2024

Doors 7pm • Show Start 7:30pm

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  • 16+

Count Binface has landed! The universe’s favourite novelty politician is back on our planet, and just in the nick of time.

He’s here to save us all from imminent disaster with his MEGA plans. (Make Earth Great Again!) 2024 is the biggest year ever for democracy, with elections all over the globe. Binface has more than played his part.

 First, he won 24,260 votes in the London Mayoral election when he got endorsed by a national newspaper and beat the fascists of ‘Britain First’.

 Next, he is taking on Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak in the General Election (if Rishi makes it that far). And now Binface is invading The Wardrobe in Leeds with his brand-new live comedy show, featuring his unique take on Britain, his special brand of sci-fi satire, and of course his unbeatable manifesto.

Cheaper croissants? Check.

The nationalisation of Adele? Check.

The return of Ceefax? Check.

Water bosses to take a dip in UK rivers to see how they like it? CHECK!

All this and much, much more.

Get up close to the Count on his debut UK tour and be proud that you were there on the march to Bindependence Day!

‘Count Binface is out of this world.’ (Emily Maitlis)

‘Always surprising. Always funny.’ (Armando Iannucci)

‘Genius.’ (David Yelland)

‘Like a Banksy of satire.’ (Geoff Norcott)