Devon Salinas

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Yorkshire Soundwaves are delighted to present an evening with Devon Salinas at The Wardrobe to celebrate his latest Single release.

Devon, an artist based in Leeds, brings together the soulful flavours of jazz, R&B, soul, and blues in a harmonious musical blend. Graduating with honours from Leeds Conservatoire in 2023, his expertise in Jazz Guitar forms the backbone of his eclectic style.

Devon‘s music journey reflects a fusion of cultures and genres, blending the emotive resonance of soulful R&B melodies, the improvisational depth of jazz, and the heartfelt storytelling of blues. From America’s soul-stirring landscapes to Leeds’ vibrant scene, Devon embodies this diverse musical tapestry.

Recently debuting with a captivating single ’Say It’, Devon has swiftly captured global attention, drawing audiences worldwide to his genre-defying sound. His fusion of jazz, soulful R&B vibes, and bluesy introspection breaks conventional boundaries, resonating deeply with listeners across continents.

Prepping for his upcoming gig, Devon promises an immersive live experience, merging technical virtuosity with heartfelt emotion. His performances celebrate the synergy between jazz intricacies and the soulful resonance of R&B, soul, and blues, inviting audiences on a dynamic musical journey.

Beyond academic accolades and a successful debut, Devon stands as a musical ambassador, sharing his passion for the fusion of jazz, R&B, soul, and blues within Leeds’ vibrant community and beyond.

Tickets available HERE.