Georgie Carroll – Sista Flow 2.0

Sunday 10 September 2023

Door Time 19:00 • Show Time 19:30

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Georgie Carroll is best known as the UK born, Australia based nurse turned comedian as she grafted 20 years on the healthcare front line before swapping the pen torch for the spotlight. She has now retired from nursing but has taken with her an unparalleled comedy voice and a staunch online medical following that have made her viral, in the best way, many times over. The most viewed is her ‘’3 stages of nursing’’ clip.

The terms dolphin, penguin, and Orca used in the clip are now ingrained in international nursing vernacular.

Nurse Georgie is an undeniable live comedy powerhouse. ‘’Sister Flo 2. OH!’’ is her latest stand-up show. It has toured over 150 dates in Australia (Selling out most performances) and won the Best Comedy Award at the Adelaide Fringe. The show continues to be a remarkable success with an upcoming debut Edinburgh Fringe season and UK Theatre tour set for 2023.

A versatile and dynamic performer – Georgie has been unstoppable in live spaces moving swiftly from operating theatres to the London Palladium, the Sydney Opera house, and the Hammersmith Apollo.

Not shy of the camera – Georgie released her debut comedy special on Australian television in 2021. Georgie is already a regular on Australian television, as seen on: The Project, Would I Lie to You? Have you Been Paying Attention? Just for Laughs and the Melbourne comedy Allstar and Oxfam Galas.

She has recently made her UK TV debut reaching the live semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2023 after being adored by audiences and judges alike.

She also has a podcast because who doesn’t? Her podcast, The Swab, is a hit and is now in its 3rd Season with over 125,000 listens and a nomination for Best Comedy podcast 2022 under it’s belt.

‘’……the podcast didn’t set out to be funny, it was just me chatting to everyday nurses, staff room banter style. Turns out that this format is never not funny.’’  Georgie.

Georgie is also an acclaimed and best-selling Author. Nurse Georgie wrote the best-selling nursing ‘’bible’’ ‘’Off the Charts’’, (Pan Macmillan) which was nominated for the 2023 Russell Prize for humor writing. Everything Georgie does is a genuine, hilarious, riotous celebration of the big hearted, no bullshit nurses that sooner or later play a part in all our lives.

‘’Very Funny…….Just Brilliant.’’ Simon Cowell, BGT