Seed Talks: The Neuroscience of Emotions

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Doors 7pm • Show Start 7:30pm

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  • 16+

Ever wondered where your feelings come from and how they shape your daily experiences? Are emotions perceived similarly across cultures? What is the role of language? Join us in exploring the captivating realm of the ‘Neuroscience of Emotions’, a talk that unveils the intricate workings of our emotional landscapes. Emotions extend beyond the boundaries of our brains, mapping onto our bodies and affecting changes within us. Ever felt joy in your heart or a sense of doom in your stomach? There’s a science behind it, and we’re here to unravel it for you.

This talk isn’t just about the brain’s emotional control; it’s a deep dive into the complex interplay between different brain regions, the impact of language on our emotional experiences, and varied research perspectives that broaden our understanding.

We’ll also explore the profound connection between the neuroscience of emotions and prevalent mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate your own emotional landscape and gain insights into the feelings of those around you.